Necromunda - Mercs and Hired guns 3 - beastmaster / bounty hunter

Plan to use this guy as a special character in a campaign, he will be a beastmaster / hired gun.

I will be revisiting to paint some extra source lighting, but right now I've a few other models to be painting.

 photo DSC_0228_zpsf98kzs7l.jpg

 photo IMG_20140609_225232_zpsonxkuju1.jpg

 photo IMG_20140609_225100_zpsx88pvfhg.jpg

 photo IMG_20140609_225039_zpsndocsghf.jpg

 photo IMG_20140609_225012_zpsum4p3bim.jpg


  1. I really like this model, but I feel you have done some conversion work here...? I'm pretty sure the lantern is new, also the chainsword on the back and maybe the plait?

    1. Unfortunately all I changed was the lantern, very little needed with the work this sculptor did :D

      It's fast becoming one of my favourite models.

    2. Really? Then it sure is a nice model. I think it was one of Brian Nelson's first sculpts for GW, actually.


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