On the workbench - Something big lumbers in Nurgles' Garden

Ghurk and Otto Glott have a new base. I changed the Otto model, as the other one wasn't to my taste. This one more accurately represents the S6 too. 

...And a completed Kitbash rot knight standard 


  1. Yay, more Glottkin goodies.

    I really like the base for the big one, it will better integrate the big model into a background of smaller ones around it. The Nurgly knight also works really well.

  2. Thanks mate, yeah that's a huge base he's on and every one I've seen just looks lonely. He will look like he belongs in the army hopefully. It's going to be a slog to paint though...

  3. Love what you did with the base, and the Knight looks awesome as well, similar what I had in mind for my Nurgle Knights. Where's the banner from btw? don't really recognize it.

    1. Cheers! It's the ass cloth of Glottkin. I didn't want those hideous buttocks and (to be sculpted) ballsack of Ghurk to be covered.


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