Warhammer Quest Tile Room - Gorgut's Lair

Behold mighty Gorgut's lair, it's been hovering near the front of the queue waiting for paint, but there was always another piece which needed doing. Once I'd splashed a little paint on this really came together, pool of blood by the stairs isn't really visible on the photo, but it looks pretty cool up close. The ork icon is a 3D forgeworld icon I got a few years back, seemed ideal for the project. There are a handful of tiles left to complete, but the 3D rooms project is nearly wrapped up. Have nearly all the monsters in the monster tables based and undercoated, so still loads of painting left to complete.


  1. Awesome work, Rusty, this looks splendid! The textures & lighting effects are true to the original boards - brilliant work.

    I have my own 3D Warhammer Quest project on the slow-burner - a Lustria-themed dungeon: https://pawncocktail.blogspot.com/2019/07/fighting-pit-wip.html

    1. Fantastic, just been over and have to say love the Fighting Pit. Eastern Empire did some great Lustria tiles (although sadly not 3D), I think Little Monk ended up using them, but I could be wrong.

  2. Lovely work !

  3. great stuff dude, its been a while. enjoy seeing your stuff as always *double thumbs up*

  4. This is really stupendous work mate. Hope you have been having some smashing games too.


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