Warriors of Chaos - Nurgle Marauders

Grand-father Nurgle welcomes all into his embrace. As opposed to the other Ruinous Powers of Chaos, many of Nurgle's followers do so by no choice of their own. The taint of Nurgle spreads readily among beast and humanoid alike, and the awful ailment known as Nurgle's Rot may strike even the strongest and cause him to be outcast as a leper. 

Despite the nature of his influence, Nurgle does take an interest in the victims of the diseases he unleashes (which he considers to be "gifts"), jovially caring for them in a manner similar to that of a loving grandfather; for this reason he is frequently referred to by his cultists as Grandfather Nurgle. This also causes some individuals that would have otherwise never been infected to seek out infectious disease or even poison themselves to earn his favor. 

As the Chaos God of disease and decay, Nurgle's followers are often equally interested in the spread of disease. His followers become infected with horrific diseases which cause them to appear bloated and rotting, or wizened, sickly and pale. His Champions often become so mutated and putrid that they are impervious to pain and almost impossible to injure.

After some heavy converting I've built another 50 marauders to make a total of 80. These were built using a variety of bits (plague bearers, gor and flagellants). Damn fun to convert. Plan to run a couple of 25-30 units, instead of one large horde, but for grand games I will run a 60+.

Also got a unit filler which I'm painting up along with the marauders. A plague ogre on a 50mm base. 

Especially enjoyed the great weapon conversions, the fella with the blood letter sword looks bad ass, if I do say so myself. Really hope the new book doesn't make them useless. 

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