15 June 2019

Warhammer Quest - Imperial Noble

Imperial Noble, not much to say about this guy except this sculpt perfectly conveys this guys self-belief and arrogance. 

Great model and love the rules with him. Planning to run him in the next campaign. 

11 June 2019

Warhammer Quest Tile room - Gaol

I've made a big mistake. Having thought I'd posted all my completed role photos here I cannot find the posts at all. It's very possible I  completely imagined uploading them. So I'll get the posts completed within the next few days. 

First seen in white dwarf 185 the gaol was a great way to start an adventure. With the four waking up without armour or weapon and having to hatch a plan of escape. 

Hadn't originally planned to make a 3D tile for all the expansions, but here we are. The shadows were fun to paint on and the effect works quite well. 

9 June 2019

Warhammer Quest - Dwarf - Grombrindal the white dwarf

The spiritual successor to the hero quest dwarf. Seemed only fitting this guy should be the WHQ dwarf. Initially released in 1998 this mini was sat in a box for over 20 years. 

I tried painting it a few years ago, but was beaten by that axe, there didn't seem to be a way to tackle this using regular metallics so I've had to wait unti skills matched expectation for the mini. Pleased with the results. 

26 May 2019

Warhammer Quest - Monster! - An Ogre

Another ogre favorite of mine, again a Michael Perry sculpt.

I was in a painting challenge with someone on the Facebook middlehammer group to finish painting this mini and as he was doing a nautical theme I decided to join him. So the scales are taken from a sea drake, a little unconventional, but particularly fun to paint. 

9 February 2019

Warhammer Quest - Monsters - Six Undead Mummies

Six mummies for the quest tables.

Love these sculpts and they were relatively easy to paint.

The first reference to these mummies I can find are in the 1991 Red catalogue 2, ethereal range.

As always photo from solegends.com

3 September 2018

On the workbench - Ork Kill Team Krogskull's Boyz

Olay, so these are not the Krogskull nominos from the Kill Team boxset, I honestly don't really enjoy those models very much. Instead I put together a few minis from trades and ebay when I started looking into necromunda, I thought these would be perfect stand in models for Goliaths. Then Kill Team dropped and I figured they could easily be used for both. 

It's a slow burn project (lile all of mine I guess). Although I'm already really liking how they look. 

23 August 2018

Necromunda N17 - Van Saar, Venators and Voidsmen

The Lathe World Consortium (LWC)

With decades of extended orbital contracts working in life limiting conditions, the industrial workers aboard a Tarask Class Transport were contracted, under militant instruction, to outfit a small fleet of Arvus light ships. The work took a full seven lunar cycles, adequate time for some quality military training traded for illicit weapon modifications. 

Shortly after the work was complete the LWC executed the majority of the crew aboard the Tyran, along with all non-unionised workers. 

The ship has arrived in orbit of the Hive World Necromunda. Data supports that the cruiser can be repurposed as a commercial vessel, should that prove difficult there are hivers who would crawl naked over a cage of sump rats to teardown this vessel for parts. 

There were rumblings about instead outfitting the TCT ship and venturing to other tyranical Lathe worlds to liberate wealth and workers from nobles and world leaders who destroy others bodies for commercial gain.

4 August 2018

Necromunda - Van Saar Cyberachnid kitbash

I tried to stay quite close to the Gang War 3 art work. Working on this scale was a bit fiddly, but I reckon it's worked out well. 

10 July 2018

Necromunda ork commando!

Ork commandos, counts as Goliaths. First space ork I've painted. The axe needs work, but quite enjoyed painting this guy. 

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