Warhammer Quest Adventurer and Monster Table Collection

This post is designed to track progress collecting and painting the heroes and monsters from the classic 1994 Warhammer Quest boardgame.

All the miniatures in this post have been painted by a lifelong friend Rich and myself.

And a big thanks to Matt over on MattGeeMinis and his extensive Quest tables. It was his idea to chart progress and he gave us the blessing to use his idea.
Adventurer Miniature Final Photo
Troll Slayer
Warrior Priest
Witch Hunter
Elf Ranger
Pit Fighter
Chaos Warrior
Bretonnian knight
Imperial Noble
Ex-bloodbowl player

Base Game Monster Table Quantity Final Photo
Minotaurs 3/3
Giant Rats 12/12
Giant Bats 12/12
Giant Spiders 12/12
Snotlings 12/12
Night Goblin archers 6/6
Goblins with spears 6/6
Orc archers 6/6
Orc boyz 6/6
Skaven clan rats 12/12

Level 1 Monster table Quantity Final Photo
Ogres 3/3
Beastmen 8/8
Skaven Storm Vermin 12/12
Savage orcs 3/6
Savage orc shaman 1/1
Goblin Netters 6/6
Skeletons 6/6
Zombies 6/6
Ghouls 6/6
Dark elves with crossbows 12/12
Wild Cave Squigs 6/6
Trained Cave Squigs 5/6
Goblin Squig hunters 6/6
Hobgoblins 0/9
Goblin Shaman 1/1
Dark elves black guard 8/8
Centaur 0/3

Level 2 Monster table Quantity Final Photo
Chaos Warriors 4/7
Hobgoblins 8/8
Rats ogres 12/12
Level 3 Monster table Quantity Final Photo

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