Warhammer Quest Tile room - Gaol

I've made a big mistake. Having thought I'd posted all my completed role photos here I cannot find the posts at all. It's very possible I  completely imagined uploading them. So I'll get the posts completed within the next few days. 

First seen in white dwarf 185 the gaol was a great way to start an adventure. With the four waking up without armour or weapon and having to hatch a plan of escape. 

Hadn't originally planned to make a 3D tile for all the expansions, but here we are. The shadows were fun to paint on and the effect works quite well. 


  1. nicely done sir. is that shadow painted or natural light source?

    1. Cheers.

      It's painted, sketched in at first and ended up being pretty spot on when it came to painting it. Shame it's not visible from the side because of the gaol door.

    2. great job regardless pal. your stuff inspires me for sure, although i cant say i will ever see myself doing 3d dungeons lol


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