WiP: Bubebolos the Toad Dragon (Bob the Turd)

I've been busy building new units, after digesting the new book and realising that I have to now build and include a heap of new units. So far I've desprued - oh god have I begun to hate this process - clipped, glued, converted (although admittedly that's more of a vanity project on my part) then green stuffed damn gaps too much in a month. All boring, no photos *Edit: one below*

Enough moaning from me, I'e been busy building some 'nurgle' skull crushers, with a variety of bits from different kits, which I'm pleased to say once they have been green stuffed will look pretty cool. Followed by two magnetised and ogre ridden gorebeast / horse chariots.

I've treated myself - I thought I'd undercoat and do a bit on Tamurkhan's Toad Dragon Bobulous

I started the model with a grey undercoat so I could see the detail, but so I didn't have to paint two coats of black for the shadows. I then used the method James Wappell promotes of doing a rough base coat taking in as many colours as you plan to have on the finished model (he's leagues above, but I'll keep at it). I think this worked out quite well. Not only was it time saving, but it gave me a good idea of how the massive beastie naturally highlighted without having to go back and do each separate coat - which is something which has eaten my time before.

It's bloody massive!


  1. Hey Rusty,

    Nice to see big T! - Can you show us what your doing with your Gorebeast Chariots? :-)

    Iv'e just purchased some and throwing some idea's together for converting and building.


  2. Hey, so for you I started the gorebeast chariots much sooner than I anticipated and they should be finished by the end of June. I've got something new planned for them, a bit more interesting.

    The gore beasts are likely getting replaced though so I'm really only painting the chariots :)


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