Warhammer Quest Adventures

Our first adventure began in Praag with a plan to travel a few hundred miles South to Castle Drakenhof, fortune and infamy awaits. 16 weeks travelling and the first two dungeons down the party is bedding in. The Witch has proven to be terrifically bad luck, she has been beaten up, robbed, thrown out of a settlement for being a witch, taken advantage of by an unscrupulous priest and after finally doing a good deed stopping a rampaging bull was served with a bill for killing it.

The troll slayer punched a minotaur to death and the Ranger has lost most of his money to gambling, thievery and perilous endeavour. The weather has not been on our side either, within 16 weeks a tornado, a blizzard, two floods and a collapsed mountain all sought to halt our progress.

The witch hunter amusingly appears completely oblivious to the fact he is actually travelling with a bonafide witch, unless he's playing the long game.


  1. seeing all this setup is tempting me to do the same warhammer quest 'quest'
    although ive got none of the original parts i could see this costing me as much as the inflated ebay prices. i can see you collected similar mini's for the heroes and made the tiles yourself. but what about the other components? (cards, tokens etc) did you buy those or get them printed?

    1. Have to say it's worth it when you're putting it all out on the table! Plus the hobby side of puttig these together has been really fun.

      In the search for parts, books and miniatures I ended up with pretty much two copies of everything. Buy in bulk and not looked for 100% complete stuff and you end up with enough to sell on and break even.

  2. youve pretty much convinced me. love this blog abd its given me a some inspiration to go on the intrepid quest myself...except...im going to attempt to make everything!!..yup probably a little mental i know..
    already done the treasure cards. have a look at a sample :)


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