Nurgle Plague Ogres - Festerheart Tribe

I was very pleased to see the new rules not only kept Ogres in the Chaos Warriors army book, but buffed them in line with the ogre kingdom bulls (impact hits), with the points and rules being comparable, with heavy armour and the ability to mark them and frankly the mark of Nurgle is too good to pass up now

These plague bulls will see the battlefield this weekend hopefully and with a bit of luck they'll deliver, as the previous ogres didn't match up to other choices in the WoC 7th ed. army book.

Their bases need completing, but I'm pretty happy with how they turned out.


  1. great work here man! im planning an ogres army once my empire are finished. so, sometime in 2014 i reckon. lol

  2. Russ. Glad you can in fact use them as intended in new book. Nurgle definitely lucked out with this new book. Cheers James

  3. Looking forward to getting that Tzeentch V Nurgle game in. Sorry, but I am hoping that FAQ doesn't sort the flaming issue (although blatantly it should). I'm also ready for glean magic... (0_o)


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