The Warhammer Quest... Quest

I remember Warhammer quest fondly from childhood, it was one of the games our circle of friends enjoyed above most. The RPG elements of the game really spoke to our intrepid bunch of 13yr old fledgling dungeon master / explorers.

Having recently been in awe of the work done by Kingdom Death and it has brought home my desire to rekindle an old love for dungeon adventure. I bought the Quest iPhone game, in hopes it would satiate me, but it left me wanting, it wasn't simply the levelling up of characters, battling trolls & orcs in search of elusive treasure... It was the narrative and comradeship, which just isn't present in electronic games for me. 

Our single copy of quest had been sadly destroyed due to improper storage, if only as a teenager I could have understood the need for airtight sealed boxes!! So I checked eBay... The game alone costing £100+ without any other miniature for monsters or adventurers.


To collect and paint the models needed for a faithful recreation of the original game.

- Challenge requirements -

These may prove impossible, but it seems reasonable to try and stick to these premises:

• £150 budget - beg, borrow or steal.
• Original models are not required, but a faithful replacement is. No 'dwarf miner' counts as 'troll slayer' shenanigans will be tolerated.

• Original cards, tokens, rules and board pieces are required. Currently this does not apply to expansions.
• I am not currently looking for a full resin mock up dungeon. This recreation is designed to be a reasonable budget and although it would be superb to have those funds I'm not currently looking for this level of depth.

• All favours, donations and sneaky purchases will be documented. Omission is considered sneaky ball-baggery and not in keeping with the spirit of things.

• A running total will be kept and some creativity with trading on eBay / forums may be necessary. However I will not be using means inaccessible to anyone else.

• Models I own (which are few for quest) can submitted to the cause as I am under the impression most other gamers will likely have access to some dual purpose models in their collection. Be they minotaurs, orcs, elves or goblins. 

• 8 adventurers - are a minimum for this project. I want the set to be playable more than once or twice though, it's designed for long term use. They will also need their rules, cards, counters and equipment. 

Thanks already go out to:

Daemonslave (Warseer)
Talion (Warseer)
Eboli (Warseer)
Local gaming club (Leeds Night Owls)

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  1. Hello Russ,

    It's R.C from Yak; found a link to this blog when clicking around the forum. Hope all is going well. Good luck to you on the challenge; I'm up to something similar with the old HeroQuest game. Pristine sets go for silly money on ebay,but salvaging cheaper damaged/incomplete lots worked for me, and I now have the full base game with some extras. The expansions... getting those is going to be rough!

    I really look forward to seeing how you get on.


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