How to theme a dungeon?

I like the idea from the Beyond the Grey Mountains website of having monster themes in a dungeon. At the start of a game BtGM use a monster token (similar to a character token) in order to determine the monsters they will encounter. It breaks up the inconsistencies of having trolls, chaos warriors and skaven in adjacent rooms (which is a little unfluffy for my taste too). I felt this may mute the element of surprise for play throughs so play to do some test games drawing two tokens

So I have been collecting miniatures for filling entire dungeons on a dual theme, so having enough variety of miniature without having to draw cards from across the entire range.

Chaos (daemons, beastmen and warriors)
Orcs and gobbos
Miscellaneous monsters - large and small

I've also worked on building and basing for some undead.


  1. Hey Rusty, the work you've already done for your WHQ-project looks great! May you be granted the power of endurance for such a behemoth of a project (I am not exaggerating here :D ). It will be worth the effort as soon as you can sit down with your mates and enjoy a game just like in the old days (but with much better looking miniatures of course).

    The idea for monster themes is pretty good and I think I'll work on something similar, too. Like having Event Card stacks for an "Orc theme" or an "Undead theme". Yet the wild mixture of Skaven living next to Undead Warriors certainly has an old school charm, too ;)

    1. Hey mate, I've filled an GW army case and a half with monsters. Only now I'm starting to realise this is a massive undertaking. Should be fun with the sheer variety of miniatures, so no painting project is the same. Plus loads of characters!

      I'll be watching your blog with interest.

      Next up, full resin dungeon floor replacements.


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