Warhammer Quest - Torture chamber Tile

I've started replacing the cardboard tiles that came with them game. These are resin and are a faithful recreation of the originals. Here we have three corridors and the 'torture chamber'.


  1. Lovely!
    Are these self made (and casted) or are they available somewhere?

    1. Thanks! These are from a guy on eBay, they're very reasonably priced IMO.

      Would loved to have cast some hirst tiles for a full custom dungeon, but our son arrives in 8 weeks and I don't want a huge unfinished project hanging over me.

    2. Thanks and big congrats to you and your lady.
      Hope you've already said "bye-bye" to the hobby... ;-)

    3. Hahaha, yeah heard all about that, thanks.

      We'll be having a ceremony, everyone's invited. Gonna be burying all the miniatures in an unmarked site on 28th September :P


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