Nope nope nope - Arachnophobia in Warhammer Quest?

Heresy miniatures have down a fantastic job with this sculpt, it's not an easy model to put together, this being a metal cast with incredibly thin legs there was little room for pinning so I had build a scaffold for it to rest on whilst gluing on the legs. I had a look and noticed they have replaced it with a resin version which should be considerably easier to work with. Anyway, loved painting it and should be fun introducing it to quests in the future. 

Check out some Copplestone spiders ready for the project too. 


  1. Hey there,

    Great looking spider & a fine choice on the base. That Warhammer skeleton horse will tell the heroes right what to expect :)

    I haven't checked your blog for quite some time and am in awe now because of all the neat updates. Your Warhammer Quest Dungeon really looks great mate! Also denizens like the Orc Shaman (who is by the way among my fav. minis of all times, too) are just looking magnificent.

    Very late and wholehearted congratulations to you and your wife! We've got a son, too (who will be 2 years old in a couple of days). He got company by a little sister just a month ago :)
    Terrific thought to be able to play some matches with them some day.

  2. Very good painting ! Congratulations.


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