Half-Orc D&D character - Reaper bones Goldar

Half-Orc painted for a friends D&D campaign. The model he gave me is Goldar from the reaper bones range, for those unfamiliar it's a white PVC plastic miniature. The clean up process was a little fiddly, but I'm surprised at how reasonably detailed the model is. It goes to show even with cheap materials the bones range has produced some great results in terms of miniatures, especially considering how well priced it is compared to resin and white metal. 

Overall pretty happy with the results. 

For anyone interested this is the PVC model as delivered, very different from any material I've worked with in the past. I will say the face lost some detail in the moulding process, but even in white metal the head of Goldar was not the best scale or sculpt anyway, as you can see. 

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